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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there options to do my clinical hours at locations other than B–UMCP?
Answer: No. All clinical hours must be completed at B–UMCP. 

Question: How many hours per week will I work?
Chaplain Residents and Summer Intensive Intern students work an average of 40 hours per week (including classroom hours). Extended unit students work an average of 16 hours per week (including classroom hours).

Question: Can I miss a class day?
All class days are required. Only two absences in a single unit are permitted, otherwise the unit will not be counted as completed.

Question: Will I be dropped if I miss a class?
Answer: You may be absent from no more than two classes to receive credit for a CPE unit.

Question: What happens after I submit my application?
Once you have submitted your application and paid your non-refundable application fee, the application will be reviewed by the CPE staff. If granted an interview, a member of the staff will contact you to schedule the interview, typically within two weeks.

Question: I don’t have a unit of CPE. Why can’t I apply for Residency? Why do I have to go through the unpaid unit first?
CPE is an emotionally, physically, and time intensive commitment. Residency isn’t just a commitment by the student to the CPE process, but also to the hospital at large. It is important that incoming residents understand how rigorous the education process is, ensuring they are able to complete the residency.

Question: What materials are used to teach the class?
Each unit has a unique syllabus and bibliography of required reading. You will be assigned your reading upon the start of each unit.

Question: What vaccine requirements are in place for students?
Because CPE students will work in a high-acuity healthcare environment, prospective CPE students must meet the following requirements through Banner Occupational Health:

  • Negative tuberculosis (TB) skin or blood test (done within the past 12 months); TB screening will be completed at the Occupational Health visit via blood draw.
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunity (not required if born before 1957) via either 2 MMR vaccines or positive MMR titer.
  • Varicella immunity via 2 varicella vaccines or positive varicella titer.
  • Annual Influenza vaccination (seasonal Sept. - April)
  • COVID-19 vaccination series

Prospective students unwilling to complete these requirements should not apply to CPE in a healthcare environment. For those with medical waivers, a full assessment and exemption process through Banner Occupational Health must be completed before the student can begin onboarding.

Question: What other health requirements are there?
CPE is at times a physically demanding program, and Banner–University Medical Center is a large campus. Students should expect to traverse as far as 7 miles during a busy 12-hour on-call shift.