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Our Faculty

Consistent with our clinical mission as a patient-centered medical home, our faculty are a multidisciplinary team and includes family physicians, family medicine nurse practitioners, behavioral science clinicians, a certified diabetes educator and registered dietician, and a clinical pharmacist.  Just as we work together to provide excellent patient care, we work together to provide an excellent training experience.

North Colorado Family Medicine Greeley Physician Faculty

  • Asa F. Ware, MD - Program Director, FM Faculty
  • Briana Money, DO - Associate Program Director, FM Faculty, Medical Student Rotation Director, Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum Coordinator; OMT Curriculum Coordinator
  • David Smith, MD - Associate Program Director, FM Faculty
  • Amanda Nichols, DO - FM Faculty, Clinic Medical Director, Health Systems Management Curriculum Co-Coordinator
  • Michele Alba, MD - C/S FM Faculty, Didactics Curriculum Coordinator, Integrative Medicine Curriculum Coordinator, Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Curriculum Coordinator
  • Michael Bradfield, MD, MPH - C/S FM Faculty, Sports Medicine Track Coordinator, Inpatient Hospice Liaison, All of US Colorado Medical Research Director, Geriatrics Curriculum Coordinator
  • Jeffrey Cook, MD - C/S FM Faculty, ALSO Site Coordinator, Leadership Track Coordinator, Advanced Maternity Care Track Co-Coordinator, Global Health Track Co-Coordinator
  • Dan Fahrenholtz, MD, MBA - C/S FM Faculty
  • Wayne Jeffers, MD - FM Faculty, Hospitalist Track Coordinator, Global Health Track Co-Coordinator
  • Magdalena Reinsvold, MD, MPH- DEI coordinator, Community and Ambulatory Medicine Curriculum Coordinator 
  • Mike Renecle, DO- C/S FM Faculty, LGBTQ+ Curriculum Coordinator
  • David McClellan, MD - FM Faculty
  • Brian Money, DO - Adjunct Faculty in Pediatrics
  • Jeff Tyer, DO - Hospitalist Program Site Director

North Colorado Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Faculty

  • Jayme George, FNP-BC-FNP Faculty
  • Alexandra Lessem, FNP-FNP Faculty, Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum Coordinator
  • Mitzi McGarr, MSN, FNP-BC-FNP Faculty
  • Tanya Unrein, MSN, FNP-BC-FNP Faculty

North Colorado Family Medicine Clinical Faculty

  • Todd L. Sohler, MSHA - Clinic Manager, Health Systems Management Curriculum Co-Coordinator
  • Teri Sieg, RD, CDE - Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Kyle Troksa, Pharm.D., BCACP - Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
  • North Colorado Family Medicine Behavioral Science Faculty
  • Christine L. Baron MSW, LCSW, CCM, CHC
  • Steven Brown, MA, LPC

Sunrise Community Health Center Program Faculty

  • Justin Walker, MD - Site Director, C/S FM Faculty
  • Brenda Campos-Spitze, MD - FM Faculty
  • Sam Davis, MD - C/S FM Faculty
  • Hannah Dunn, MD - C/S FM Faculty
  • Sean Filipovitz, MD - C/S FM Faculty
  • Bryce Spitze, MD, MPH - C/S FM Faculty
  • Tyler Weigang MD - FM Faculty

Wray Rural Training Program Faculty

  • David Reed, MD - Site Director, C/S FM Faculty
  • Lindsey Paulson, MD - C/S FM Faculty
  • Kaily Baer, MD- C/S FM Facility
  • Susan Kasza, DO- C/S FM Facility
  • Susan Krautkramer, PA-C -Faculty
  • Nick McDuffee, PA-C - Faculty
  • Donna Roberts, NP-C - Faculty

Sterling Rural Training Program Faculty

  • Sarah Moore, MD - Site Director, C/S FM Site Faculty
  • Charles “Tony” Gerk, MD - C/S FM Faculty, GI Endoscopy
  • Rachel Griffith, DO - C/S FM Faculty, GI Endoscopy
  • Erin Hoffman, DO - C/S FM Faculty, GI Endoscopy

North Colorado Family Medicine Program Office

  • Kendal Rosas - GME Senior Program Coordinator
  • Daniel Burgess - GME Senior Program Coordinator, NCMC Podiatry Residency Coordinator
  • Melissa Dillon - GME Program Coordinator Rural Programs Wray and Sterling
  • Sandi Elder - GME Office Administrative Assistant, Senior Clinical Coordinator Rocky Vista University School of Medicine