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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Services at Banner Fort Collins Medical Center

Surgical weight loss for a whole new life working with our weight loss experts in Northern Colorado. An estimated one-third of the U.S. population is obese. If you’re among the millions of overweight Americans for whom diet and exercise fail to provide meaningful weight loss results, then bariatric surgery may be right for you.

Bariatric surgery is a lifetime investment that requires a daily commitment to healthy living. Along with dramatic weight loss, it will forever change what and when you eat, how much and how often you need to exercise and how you look and feel about your body.

The weight loss journey

Step 1: Your primary care provider

Bariatric surgery requires ongoing health monitoring and maintenance from your primary care provider (PCP). Consult your PCP about your plans for surgical weight loss. A written referral and/or letter of support from your PCP along with a copy of your medical records is required in order to schedule a consultation with a Banner Medical Group (BMG) bariatric surgeon. If you are a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery, the surgeon will collaborate with your PCP to ensure the best pre- and postoperative care and treatment.

Step 2: Insurance coverage

Bariatric surgery can be expensive. Fortunately, most insurance plans cover some or all of the costs associated with bariatric surgery. To learn more about your specific insurance benefits or to inquire about the cost of bariatric surgery if you do not have insurance, contact a weight loss financial counselor at Banner Fort Collins Weight Loss Center at (970) 821-4503.

Step 3: Informational seminar

Banner Health hosts regular information seminars to educate prospective patients about the bariatric weight loss journey. These sessions, which are offered every month, cover an overview of the components of our comprehensive weight loss program and provides a basic understanding of the obesity as a disease, how it impacts your health and how this can be reversed. Find an informational seminar

Step 4: Meeting the bariatric surgery team

No two patients are alike, which is why no two weight loss journeys are the same. You’ll meet with a BMG bariatric surgeon to determine which type of bariatric procedure is right for you. As part of your pre-surgery consultation, you’ll also meet with other members of the care team, including a:

  • Psychologist to assess emotional readiness and discuss the long-term psychological changes that come with bariatric surgery.
  • Registered dietitian to learn what, when, and how to eat now and after bariatric surgery.
  • Nurse Practitioner to monitor your progress and guide you through your journey.
  • Medical assistant who will provide clinical support and answer questions throughout your weight loss journey.

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Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgical Options

We will review surgical options for weight loss patients including: