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Banner - University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists

1320 N 10th St Ste B
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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The Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists takes a comprehensive approach to concussion care. We provide baseline concussion testing for children and adults to identify neurocognitive, balance, fine motor and visual integration issues. When necessary, we provide treatment for each of these. We are committed to comprehensive community outreach and education to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussion and the appropriate steps that should be taken to prevent, diagnose and treat concussions. Learn more about our multidisciplinary concussion care

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About Us

The Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists brings together a team of medical experts who have extensive knowledge in the evaluation, treatment and management of concussions. Our team includes physicians, neuropsychologists, physical and occupational therapists and athletic trainers. The team is led by Medical Director Steven Erickson, M.D., who is board certified in sports medicine and internal medicine and formerly served as head team physician for Arizona State University. We are conveniently located on the Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix campus.

Jamie Pardini, PhD

Telemedicine, Psychology

Clinical Psychologist or Neuropsychologist (PhD or PsyD), Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists
I take an individualized and solution-focused approach to patient care.

Ian Crain, MD

Neurology, Telemedicine

Physician, Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists
A trusting relationship is the foundation of my practice.

Amy Jo Overlin, MD

Sports Medicine, Telemedicine

Physician, Banner - University Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic
I believe in providing all patients with exceptional sports medicine care with an emphasis on helping my patients reach their individual goals whether that’s returning to an active lifestyle or competing at the professional level for their sport. I accomplish this by actively listening to my patient’s needs and formulating an individualized plan that incorporates evidence best medicine, best practices and over a decade and a half of treating athletes of all ages and abilities.