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Concussion Services at Diamond Children's Medical Center

At Banner Children’s at Diamond Children's Medical Center, our pediatric sports medicine doctors specialize in the prevention and treatment of injuries specific to young athletes. Our goal is to treat children in the most age-appropriate way so that they can go back to play only when they are fully healed.

We offer various levels of concussion interventions, depending on the extent of injury and the state of recovery. This approach to care involves a support team that includes your child’s primary care doctor, coach and loved ones.

What Related Services Are Offered If My Child Is Being Treated for a Concussion?

We understand that parents and/or coaches may have questions about when the child can go back to normal activity routines. To help answer those, we provide:

  • Return-to-play guidelines
  • Individual school accommodation letters
  • Educational materials on concussion for your family
  • Symptom management tips and techniques
  • Injury prevention information

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