Language Services

Language Interpretative Services

We know that language barriers can impact your ability to communicate and collaborate with your medical providers. That’s why Banner Medicare Advantage includes language interpretive services for members at no cost. If a language barrier is making communication with your medical provider a challenge, please contact our Customer Care Center. We will schedule an interpreter to be available via telephone to help with your appointment.   

We can also assist in setting up sign language services for patients who are hearing-impaired. 

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Printed Materials

We can provide printed plan materials in various formats, and you can contact our Customer Care Center to have printed materials sent to you in the following formats: 

  • Your primary language
  • Larger print
  • Other formats, as needed 

Banner Medicare Advantage is your health plan, and we want to provide the support and services you need to optimize the benefits and services to support your health and lifestyle goals.   

With Banner Medicare Advantage, you get more than a health plan. You get a health partner.