Your Permanent Residence and Medicare Eligibility

Your eligibility for a Medicare Advantage plan can be impacted by your primary place of residence. 

Original Medicare is available in all U.S. states, but Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans work in specific service areas. You have to live in a service area to be eligible to enroll in that plan. 

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage or Part D plan and you move out of the service area, you will lose your coverage. 

What do I Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Service Areas?

Use your permanent address for both Social Security and Medicare. You will need to live at your permanent address for at least half of the year to be considered a resident of the plan’s service area.

If you move to a new address, you will be eligible for a two-month Special Enrollment Period. During your enrollment period, you will need to return to Original Medicare or enroll in a new Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plan that has a service area that includes your new address. 

Learn more about Medicare enrollment periods.

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan, be sure you understand if and how services will be covered if you will temporarily be living out of the service area. Be sure you understand how you can access health care and how the cost of your care may be impacted.

If you have a Part D plan, you still have to live in your plan’s service area for at least half of the year. However, Part D plans include national pharmacies, and you can go to any of the in-network pharmacies in the U.S. to get your prescriptions. 

Does Medicare Coverage Work Outside of the U.S.?

Original Medicare has very limited coverage outside of the U.S. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer additional coverage outside of the U.S.  

Some Medigap plans provide coverage for care related to medical emergencies that happen while you’re outside the U.S. Medigap plans can be used with Original Medicare or Part D prescription drug coverage. You cannot use a Medigap plan with a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can also consider purchasing a travel insurance plan for coverage when traveling out of the U.S. Some travel insurance plans have to be purchased before you leave on your trip. They also have limits on the coverage they offer. Be sure you understand the policy before you buy it so you get the coverage you need. 

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