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Colorado Facility Fees

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Colorado Revised Statute §6-20-102 requires us to inform you that Banner Health may charge or bill a Facility Fee.  In Colorado, a “Facility Fee” includes any charge or bill for outpatient hospital services that is:

  • Intended to compensate Banner Health’s operational expenses; and
  • Separate and distinct from a professional fee charged or billed by a health-care provider for professional medical services.

Listed below are Banner Health’s full charges for common facility fees at Colorado Banner Health facilities.  Charges may include and are not limited to the services outlined below.  For the pricing of other hospital outpatient charges which may be considered Facility Fees in Colorado, please refer to Banner Health’s other pricing resources pages including:

Individual patient responsibility will vary based on the services provided and any insurance, benefits, or other discounts applicable.  Banner Health seeks to provide timely individualized estimates of anticipated charges whenever possible, requested, or required by law. 

Hospital prices are complex. Every patient may receive a unique set of services based on their needs and it can be difficult to estimate out of pocket costs. While the resources below can serve as a guide in your decision making, the best source of information is a formal patient estimate which can be obtained by calling (888) 688-4797. Our team can provide information about your individual plan benefits and cost sharing that are much more specific than the broad estimates available here.