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Prices for Most Common Services

This site lists the health care prices for the most common services provided by various physician specialties within Banner Medical Group. The price is the price that a patient would pay for the standard treatments for the specified services regardless of insurance status, if paid directly by the patient or the patient’s employer. The price for a physician’s service will vary, depending upon whether the service is provided in a facility such as a hospital, outpatient hospital department, ambulatory surgery center or skilled nursing facility, or in a non-facility location, such as a physician clinic or patient’s home. The site lists separately the prices applicable to physician services provided at facility and non-facility locations.

The price does not include the charges for care related to complications or exceptional treatment. The price also does not include the amounts that may be charged by Banner Health hospitals or other facilities at which patients receive care from Banner Medical Group physicians.

In most instances, Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers pay an amount that is substantially less than the price. Patients with insurance are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier to determine the specific amount that must be paid based on insurance plan coverage. Reduced self-pay package pricing is available for certain services. Prompt pay discounts may also be available. Patients without any insurance may also qualify for discounts or other financial assistance under the Banner Medical Group Financial Assistance Policy. Uninsured patients may contact Banner Patient Financial Services at (888) 688-4797 for further information.