The Primary Care Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix

Primary care is just what the name implies: the first place you go for most of your basic health care needs. Family doctors, general internists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants all provide primary care. 

Primary care includes treatment of acute illnesses, management of chronic conditions, like hypertension or diabetes, and preventive services, such as immunizations and screening tests. A highly-trained staff assists the primary care physicians at the Primary Care Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix. Together, they work to meet the individual needs of the community.”

Many of our primary care providers also work with psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors to care for mental health conditions, among the many other specialists in our academic medicine institutes and centers, while coordinating the care of patients who need referral to health care specialists.

About the Center

Several medical practices work together within the Primary Care Center to provide high quality, affordable health care that is sensitive to the needs of patients and their families. These practices include:

  • Behavioral Health Center
  • Family Medicine Center
  • Internal Medicine Center

Our Providers

Center Leadership:

Jeff Wolfrey, MD – Center Director

Patient Education

Patient and community education is offered from participating practices from the Primary Care Center for the following topics:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Hypertension
  • Prenatal care
  • Breast feeding support

 There is also patient education available regarding primary care topics through the following links:


The University of Arizona, in coordination with Banner – University Medicine, conducts a variety of research studies and clinical trials to support a commitment to improving patient care. As a patient at Banner – University Medical Center, you may be eligible to participate, meaning you’ll have access to new treatments which may not yet be available to the public.

Fellowship and Residency Programs

Fellowship and residency programs include those in family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics, and sports medicine.

Health and Prevention

Primary care promotes health and wellness through a variety of measures, including:

  • Encouraging healthy diets and exercise
  • Immunizations
  • Screening Tests (PAP smears, mammograms, blood pressure checks)
  • Addressing nonmedical factors (social determinants) that greatly impact health
  • Treating mental and physical health in a coordinated way

Primary Care recognizes that many well-intentioned medical tests and treatments do not improve and may even worsen health. This emphasis on high value care is sometimes dubbed “Less is More” and has resulted in a national campaign called “Choosing Wisely” to guide patient care decisions.