Allergy & Immunology

Allergy & Immunology

Where Can I Find Allergy Relief?

Itchy eyes, a skin rash, an upset stomach – these can all be signs of an allergy. You may have had one or more of these symptoms, but don’t know what triggers it. If you have an allergy, let a professional diagnose your condition.

Your allergist can also talk to you about treatment options, such as:

  • Medical therapy
  • Trigger avoidance
  • Ways to reduce your allergies over time

Your Partner in Lung Health

Banner Health allergists treat patients with mild to severe allergies, including seasonal, food and drug allergies, and those with skin problems. We also work closely with pulmonary specialists on any serious allergy and asthma conditions in your lungs.

Immunology Expertise

Immune deficiencies happen when the body can’t fight infection or illness. Most problems with the immune system develop over time – unlike HIV or AIDS, which you acquire – and affect adults and kids. If you notice an illness or infection that comes back often, schedule an appointment with an allergist immunologist.

Banner Health allergist immunologists work with you to identify your condition. We consider the different types of immune problems and the type of illness or infection you have. Once we make the diagnosis, we work with you on a custom treatment plan.

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If your child suffers from allergies, an immune deficiency or pediatric asthma, the specialists at Banner Children’s at Diamond Children’s Medical Center can help them feel better. We treat infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

Pulmonary Conditions in Kids

We treat many allergic and immunological disorders, and acute and chronic pulmonary disorders with expertise in:

  • Apnea and sleep medicine
  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • High-risk airway evaluation and management
  • Lung function assessment
  • Pulmonary anomalies (lung problems)
  • Respiratory home care, including chronic ventilator management

Screening & Diagnostics

We use a variety of diagnostic tests to help us determine the best treatment for your child, including:

  • Diagnostic laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy (procedures that examine the voice box)
  • Exercise testing
  • Pediatric sleep studies
  • Lung function testing

Children's Postinfectious Autoimmune Encephalopathy Center of Excellence

Our Children's Postinfectious Autoimmune Encephalopathy (CPAE) Center of Excellence at the Diamond Children’s Multispecialty Services clinic, diagnoses and cares for children with this often-misdiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Because this disorder crosses so many areas of your child’s health, our team provides customized care including immunology, gastroenterology and nutrition, sleep medicine and psychology. For more information, please visit the University of Arizona Steele Children’s Research Center website

Academic Medicine Difference

The partnership between Banner Health and the University of Arizona brings clinical care delivery, education and research to the forefront of the patient experience. 

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