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Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery has greatly improved over the years. We are learning some of the bariatric operations done in the past may need to be revised to help patients achieve their long-term goals.

The decision to get bariatric revision surgery can be as complex as the procedure itself. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

Revisional bariatric surgery is performed to repair or change a previous weight loss surgery. It may also be needed if you are experiencing complications or health problems from the original surgery, such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), acid reflux or heartburn.

Revision surgery is minimally invasive, even if the original operation was done using an open method. It may even be performed robotically. In rare instances, the operation may need to be changed to open surgery if it seems the safest way to complete the revision.

There are revision procedures for any type of bariatric surgery. Here are some of the more common bariatric revision procedures:

  • Remove the band from Lap-Band surgery (gastric band surgery)
  • Band conversion to sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or duodenal switch
  • Gastric bypass revisions
  • Sleeve gastrectomy conversion to duodenal switch
  • Sleeve gastrectomy conversion gastric bypass

Like with the initial surgery, considering any of these revisional bariatric surgeries will involve assessing the complications rate of the procedure, your weight loss goals and factors such as your physical health.

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Am I a Candidate for Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

You may require revision bariatric surgery if you had less-than-optimal weight loss or weight regain, or if you experienced complications or health problems from your original procedure.  However, weight loss from revisional surgery is not guaranteed and needs to be discussed with your surgeon.

We understand that life happens, and obesity is a chronic condition that needs constant support. In the instance of weight regain, revisional bariatric surgery can be performed to help patients lose weight and control certain conditions.

Revisional bariatric surgery may be needed if you are experiencing complications, such as acid reflux.

Your bariatric surgeon will begin with an assessment to look at your lifestyle, including eating habits and physical activity, and discuss your previous weight loss procedure.

Not everyone will qualify for revision surgery, but some of the determining factors your surgeon and you will consider will be:

  • The type of weight loss surgery you originally underwent
  • Complications from the original surgery
  • Your overall health and unique circumstances
  • Reasons for not losing enough weight or gaining weight

Together you and your surgeon will weigh the risks and benefits along with your long-term goals and current health.

What are the Risks of Revisional Surgery?

Revisional bariatric surgery is more complex and has a higher risk of complications than an initial procedure. However, it is a safe and effective choice when performed by experienced surgeons. Revisional surgery does not guarantee a specific amount of weight loss.

What Results Can I Expect After Revisional Surgery?

Results from surgery can vary depending on your original bariatric procedure. Following the directions for aftercare, diet and exercise by your surgeon after your revision surgery will set you on a good path.

Patients typically lose significant weight and see an improvement in health issues, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and sleep apnea.

Our Expert Bariatric Team

Bariatric surgery needs a multidisciplinary approach to obesity care. The Banner Health weight loss team offers compassionate, comprehensive and advanced care. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the safest, most successful bariatric patient experience possible.

Surgery is only one part of that care. Equally important is the education, lifelong follow up and support our team provides. Our team partners with you to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your quality of life.

Your team will involve a surgeon or surgeons, obesity medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, behavioral health specialists, support staff, medical assistants and some specialists in cardiology, pulmonology and sleep medicine. We are all working together with you on your care.

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