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Integrated Psychosocial Care

Your Banner Health team is dedicated to putting you at the center of your care. Through our integrated approach, Banner Health’s experienced, caring health professionals deliver each patient personalized medicine and tailored treatment.

Banner Health’s Integrated Psychosocial Care (IPC) services enable patients, their families and their health care team to optimize care by treating physical, psychological, behavioral and social aspects of illness to promote better health.

To get started, call Banner Health’s Appointment Line at (602) 254-4357. Learn more about IPC below.

What Is IPC?

Illness can affect more than just your physical body. Research shows treating a patient’s emotional needs in combination with a medical condition can greatly improve health outcomes.

At Banner Health, our team practices Integrated Psychosocial Care (IPC) – a holistic, collaborative approach to care for your physical, mental, spiritual and social needs. IPC incorporates expert, quality care for your condition or illness as well as compassionate, professional support for your emotional well-being.

Who Would Benefit from IPC?

Many patients with chronic physical and/or mental illnesses would benefit from IPC. Emotional distress can often accompany conditions such as cancer, neurological issues, disabilities, depression and anxiety. Psychosocial care can help patients learn coping skills to manage symptoms and improve overall health.

What Can I Expect During IPC?

During your first IPC meeting, your counselor will talk you through the program. You will also discuss your goals and thoughts on treatment, including medication and therapy to improve mood, sleep, depression and anxiety. After your first meeting, you will routinely meet with your health team by phone, virtually or in person to ensure you get the support you need.

Who Is on My IPC Team?

Your IPC team includes:

  • Counselor: You will work closely with your counselor to build and practice your collaborative care plan. Your counselor works with you to identify issues and make necessary changes. Your counselor may provide short-term counseling services or refer you for other therapies.
  • Psychiatric consultant: Your psychiatric consultant regularly reviews your care and advises your medical team and counselor. Your psychiatric consultant may meet with you to better understand your needs and the best strategies to reach your emotional goals.
  • Medical team: A provider on your medical team oversees all aspects of your care. All members of your medical team work closely with your counselor and psychiatric consultant to ensure you get the psychosocial care you need.

What Are the Results of IPC?

IPC can help patients build their psychosocial health, including:

  • Cherishing things that make them happy
  • Dealing with difficulties in a positive manner
  • Enriching the lives of others
  • Feeling comfortable with other people
  • Feeling good about themselves
  • Have a sense of contentment
  • Having the ability to cope with stress and overcome adversity
  • Maintaining a balance across work, play, rest, activity, etc.
  • Making and maintaining fulfilling relationships
  • Managing personal feelings
  • Meeting the daily demands of life