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Concussion Testing

A variety of concussion tests, including baseline testing, are available to check whether you have a concussion and the extent of brain injury. Some tests also help in monitoring the healing process.

What concussion screenings and diagnostics tests are available?

Our Banner Concussion Center and many of our other facilities provide a number of tests from baseline testing to understand your brain’s normal functioning, to tests to determine level of injury.

Baseline Testing - Brainstamp

You don’t have to wait for a concussion to happen. Baseline testing, available in our Phoenix location, for concussion helps get a picture of how your brain functions in a normal state. So you can help your doctors now in the treatment of any concussion, should it happen in the future.

This testing is not meant to diagnose a concussion. If an athlete or patient suffers a concussion, however, baseline testing results can be compared to post injury results to help with return to play/school/work decisions.

It is recommended to have anyone 15 and under tested each year. Anyone at the high school level should get tested every other year.

Neurocognitive Testing

Neurocognitive testing for concussions is done using Sway Medical’s mobile application, or the ImPACT© (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) tool. 

Both applications are used by thousands of organizations and healthcare professionals in the United States and abroad including the NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA institutions.

The testing checks the following neurocognitive functions:

  • Visual Processing Speed
  • Brain Processing Speed
  • Reaction Time
  • Working Memory
  • Delayed Recall
  • Execution Function

Baseline testing is most effective when performed at a healthy state and can be compared when an athlete suffers a concussion.  

Balance Testing

Dizziness and imbalance are common complaints after suffering a concussion. At Banner Health, we perform a protocol for balance testing that is performed on either the Sway mobile application or a Bertec force plate to provide objective information on sway (how steady you are) when performing various tasks. A physical or occupational therapist or an athletic trainer will perform the baseline balance testing.

Visual Performance Baseline Testing

Visual acuity and visual integration – Tests that measure the speed and accuracy of vision and the brain’s ability to integrate that information. This is done through two activities that challenge a person’s ability to accurately read while the eyes are in movement.

Coordination and fine motor function – An occupational therapist guides an individual through a series of physical tasks that measure a person’s speed and accuracy.