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At Banner Concussion Center, one of our goals is to educate the community with information on concussions to help with treatment and diagnoses.

Definition of a Concussion

The most common type of brain injury, a concussion occurs when your head is jarred by a variety of causes, such as a blow or a fall.

Brain Stamp

You don’t know if you will ever get a concussion. However, if you do, knowing what your normal or baseline functioning is will be critical in helping with your treatment.

Our Brain Stamp is like a fingerprint of your brain. With these series of tests,you can get a picture of how your brain normally functions. Then, were a concussion to happen, our physicians can work with you to tailor a treatment plan unique to your situation. Call (602) 839-7285 for more information about Baseline testing at Banner Concussion Center.

Educational Resources

Here are some organizations with more information on concussions.

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