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Screenings & Diagnostics

Your body has several different glands and hormones working as a system called the endocrine system. Sometimes, this system doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. When this happens, various screenings and diagnostic tests can help determine precisely what is going on.

We Help Find the Answers

Your health is important. When your metabolism, glands or hormones don’t work together the way they should, you want to get the issue dealt with quickly and get back to feeling well. Our endocrinologists work with people of all ages and with a variety of conditions.

There are many different screenings and diagnostics we offer. Some common screenings include:

  • 24-hour urine collection 
  • Blood sugar testing called HbA1c
  • Bone density screening
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • CT scans and ultrasounds of the abdomen
  • Endocrine provocative testing
  • Thyroid scan

And, in some cases, we’re able to complete the screening on site and give you feedback right away.