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What to Expect

You should expect your endocrinology appointment to be stress free. We understand dealing with metabolic or endocrine system problems is stressful enough. That’s why we’ll offer our knowledge and skills plus willing ears to listen and compassion.

You Are in Control of Your Care

It’s our philosophy to include you in your care. Because the more you know about your condition and treatment options, the better decisions you'll make about your care as you work with your endocrinology team.

What to Expect on Your First Appointment

When you first meet your endocrinologist, you’ll see it’s a lot like meeting with your family doctor. Your endocrinologist will ask you about your family history and will examine you. From there, you may be sent for a screening or diagnostic test.

What to Expect After Diagnosis

If you receive a diagnosis of a condition affecting your endocrine system, you and your endocrinologist will find the treatment that is most effective for you. We may also recommend a support group or classes to help you better understand your diagnosis.