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Medicare Insurance

As you get older, your health care needs will increase, requiring more frequent visits with your health care providers. Medicare can play an important role in supporting your health and financial security as your health care needs change with age.

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that helps cover the costs of a variety of health care services for people ages 65 and over regardless of income, medical history or current health status. Some people under the age of 65 with long-term disabilities are also eligible for the program.

What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare consists of three different parts, each covering a different set of health care services:

  • Medicare Part A: Part A provides hospital insurance to cover the costs of stays in inpatient hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, hospice care and some home health visits.
  • Medicare Part B: Part B is medical insurance covering the costs of certain doctors’ services, preventive health services, outpatient care and medical supplies.
  • Medicare Part C: Part C refers to the Medicare Advantage plans offered by Medicare-approved private companies. These plans include Medicare Part A and Part B coverage and most also include prescription coverage (Part D).
  • Medicare Part D: Part D provides prescription drug coverage and covers the cost of many recommended shots and vaccines.

Where Can I Get Medicare Coverage?

At Banner Health, we offer a variety of Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans that provide access to dedicated and patient-focused health care providers and specialists that can deliver the care you or a loved one deserves. Learn more about Banner Medicare

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