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What to Expect From Home Health Care

At Banner Home Care, our team is here to provide safe, quality care and support in your home. We understand that receiving home health care might feel overwhelming, but we are here to guide you with compassion and expertise. 

Why choose Banner Home Care

  • Access to expert care: Benefit from the latest technology and resources to ensure you receive the best care possible.
  • Great quality ratings: Our team has a strong reputation in the community, and with Medicare, for providing quality care that exceeds expectations.
  • Personalized care plans: Your care team will make a plan with your provider that is unique to your health needs and goals.
  • Compassionate team: Trust in our experienced and caring professionals who are here to help you as you heal at home.
  • Seamless coordination: Our team works closely with your health care providers to ensure that everyone is working towards your goals for your health.
  • Cost-effective care: Home health care can be a more affordable alternative to a long hospital or nursing home stay. Many times, home health will be a low or no cost option for you.

How to get started with Banner Home Care

1. Obtain a referral: A physician must make a referral to home health services. We consult with your health care provider throughout your course of treatment. If you are in the hospital, the referral to home health is usually made by your hospitalist.

2. Visit your primary care physician (PCP): Ensure you have a primary care physician who will oversee your care at home.

Home health agencies require a doctor to oversee care in your home, so you will need to see your primary care physician as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

Most physicians will want to see you in person before they authorize services. Even if you are being discharged from a Banner hospital, if you have not seen your PCP in the last year, you will most likely be asked to come in for a visit.

If you need help finding a primary care physician, check out our physician directory to find a health care provider near you.

3. We will be notified as part of your hospital discharge process by the hospital team and will reach out to you, most likely the day after you arrive home.

4. After receiving a home care referral from the hospital, we'll check your insurance and let you know about any costs you may need to cover.

5. When we call you to set up your first visit, we will confirm all your pertinent information, including insurance, address and PCP. Following this call, you will usually be seen by one of our care providers within two days. The team will let you know what date you can expect us.

What can I expect at the first visit?

You will begin your home care journey with an assessment visit performed by a nurse or therapist in your home. The nurse or therapist will ask questions about your current health and review your health history, medications, life at home and goals with you. Our objective is to keep you safe at home.

After your initial assessment visit, the nurse or therapist will talk with your doctor to develop a comprehensive care plan, which will include details of how long you will use the service and how often you will be seen.

What to expect during home care

We ask that you treat our visits just like a doctor’s appointment. We will confirm them with you and ask that you keep your scheduled appointments to help you get well. This allows us to provide you with the care you need to keep you safe at home and out of the hospital. You can expect:

  • Tailored frequency of visits: Home care visits are personalized to meet your specific health care needs and goals.
  • Skilled care visits: Our visits are usually 30-60 minutes in length and occur a few times a week at most. These visits are to provide care that a nurse or therapist, and no one else, can provide. If you feel you need daily care or non-skilled care, you will want to talk with your family and your health care provider about other available resources to meet your needs before you begin services.
  • Short-term care planning: Home health care is designed to support your recovery and is typically a short-term service. We will review and discuss the projected length of your treatment plan during the first week of service. Your home health care plan length depends on your goals, overall health and commitment to following recommendations to achieve your desired level of health.
  • Emergency support: If you need help, we ask that you start by calling us. (We’ll provide contact information during admission.) Our nurses are available 24/7 by phone to provide guidance and connect you with appropriate medical care. If necessary, we can send a nurse to see you immediately, connect with your primary care physician, utilize urgent care or refer you to a hospital. 

What services are not provided by home health?

  • Assistance with daily living: We do not offer caregiver assistance or housework services, but our social work team can help connect you with relevant resources.
  • Medication dispensing: Home health does not provide medication dispensing. 
  • Full-day nursing care: Home health nurses are only in your home for a short visit and not all day. We work with you and your caregiver to offer education and check on you while you heal. If you need caregiver resources, our social work team can assist you in finding services that will help you navigate daily life in your home.

We are here to help

Our mission is to partner with you in your healing journey, providing comprehensive and compassionate care in the comfort of your home with the highest quality care.

Our experienced team is here to provide support and expertise, ensuring your safety and well-being at home. 

You can count on us as your trusted partner in your journey to healing and health.