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Infusion Therapy – What to Expect

Your physician may have ordered infusion therapy for you if you need continuous treatment for cancer, an immune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, or another long-term medical need.

How does infusion therapy happen?

Infusion therapy is usually an outpatient treatment, but can also be done at home for long-term treatment needs.

If your therapy is outpatient, you will be treated in a quiet, comfortable environment under the care and supervision of our specially trained staff.

If your infusion therapy will take place in your home, a nurse will show you how to set up your home infusion system. Treatment will become part of your daily routine.

It will be important to keep your hands, setup area and infusion site clean to prevent infection.

Your care and condition will be closely monitored by a nurse who comes to your home or whom you visit in a clinic. Our nurses work closely with your doctor to ensure you are responding to the treatment.