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Packing a Hospital Bag for Labor

The time has arrived, and your baby is ready to greet the world. Don’t catch yourself being unprepared for this big moment.  Ensure you’re prepared to fully enjoy this time you have with your spouse and family before your baby arrives. 

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

It’s important to have your hospital bag prepared ahead of time. Consider packing your bag around the start of your third trimester, or around week 28. This will give enough time to thoroughly think through the contents you’ll need and add any additional items you think you’ll want. 

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Packing List

Packing your hospital bag can feel overwhelming—but it doesn’t need to. Take your time and try to have fun with it. Make sure to include necessities for you and the baby before, during and after labor. Use Banner Health’s hospital bag packing list to help you decide what you’ll need. 

  • Insurance card and photo identification
  • Nursing bra and maternity underwear
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.)
  • Camera or video camera
  • Things to do (books, laptop computers, etc.)
  • Socks, slippers and robe
  • Important phone numbers or email addresses
  • Phone charger
  • Clothes for you and your baby to wear home
  • A car seat to bring your new baby home

Learn more about what (or what not) to pack in your bag