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Finding a Maternity Doctor

Choosing a Doctor for Labor and Delivery

Getting regular checkups while you are pregnant is important to the health of you and your baby. Choosing your obstetric (OB/GYN) provider is an essential first step. You have many choices when it comes to the type of health care provider you want for your prenatal, delivery and postpartum care. 

  1. Look at your insurance: To reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, it’s best to choose a doctor in network. Also, talk to your insurance company about what services, testing and care is covered.
  2. Consider your health history: If you are considered a high-risk pregnancy, choose a doctor experienced with your specific conditions.
  3. Select a hospital: To reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, it’s best to choose a hospital in network. Learn more about Banner Health locations.
  4. Do your homework and ask questions:
  • What are your general philosophies about pregnancy, labor and delivery?
  • What is your cesarean delivery rate?
  • Who will I see at each appointment?
  • Will you be available around my due date? 
  • If I have a question, who do I contact?
  • Can I have a personal birth plan? 
  • What is your policy on inducing labor?

Find your Banner Health obstetric health care provider.

Why Choose Banner Health?

Banner Health offers patients an unparalleled birthing experience. Our team is dedicated to making your experience as safe and comfortable as possible, so you can focus on your new family. Our facilities have the latest medical equipment and upgraded technology. Our culture of empathy, professionalism and caring means we go the extra mile to take care of you and your baby.

When you deliver at Banner Health, your dedicated maternity team may include your doctor, on-call Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, anesthesiologist, NICU-trained nurse (if needed), nurse navigator patient-advocate, dedicated transition nurse for newborns, scrub technician, lactation consultants, social workers and others.

All women and infant units are completely secured. Our unique design eliminates false alarms to provide a safer environment and put the family’s mind at ease.

Labor and Delivery

Every mother has a private, spacious labor and delivery room with many hotel-like features, which may include heated relaxation tubs for laboring, specialized lighting and new sleeping sofas and rockers for your partner. If having a cesarean, Banner Health has dedicated operating rooms and mothers can elect to have a gentle c-section. A gentle c-section is an elective procedure where your care team will aim to make the experience as similar as possible to what you would encounter in the labor and delivery room.

Bonding starts right after delivery. Whether you deliver vaginally or via cesarean, mother and baby spend a “Golden Hour” together with skin-to-skin contact to encourage early breastfeeding, stabilize baby’s temperature and relax.


Banner Health’s postpartum and antenatal unit may include:

  • Comfy sleeping sofas and rockers for partners staying in room
  • Room service
  • Cookies and milk quiet time daily
  • Nutrition room with healthy snacks for patient, spouse and siblings
  • Family-focused environment
  • State-of-the-art baby cribs that allow better parent access
  • Lactation consultants
  • New mother education videos and personalized in-room library cart
  • Fetal monitors
  • Designated antepartum nooks for lounging, visiting and reading outside of your room
  • Well-baby nursery with a dedicated exam room
  • Maternal respite care
  • In-room workups and testing
  • Phototherapy
  • Circumcisions
  • Birth certificate process
  • Immunization records provided
  • Newborn professional photographer photoshoot offered

Offerings vary by location. Talk to your doctor or nurse to learn more about the services offered at your hospital.

When discharged, each patient goes home with a tote bag filled with necessities including a HALO Sleep Sack, “Banner Loves Babies” onesie, infant hat and a baby box starter kit.

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