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Outpatient Urology Surgery

Banner Surgery Centers are prepared to help you with your upcoming surgery. Learn more about the outpatient urology procedures and surgery performed at Banner Surgery Centers or Banner Hospitals.

What Is Outpatient Urology Surgery?

Outpatient urology surgery focuses on surgical and medical diseases in the urinary tract, kidneys and bladder. Banner offers minimally invasive, noninvasive and traditional surgery depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan recommended by your doctor. When it comes to outpatient facilities, Banner Surgery Centers offer lower costs and comfortable settings to keep your mind at ease.

Common Outpatient Urology Procedures

If you, your child or family member is experiencing uncomfortable pain in the urinary system, it may be time to visit your doctor to inquire about a diagnosis and treatment. A common list of urology surgical procedures performed include:

  • Circumcision for children aged 28 days or older
  • Fragmenting of kidney stones
  • Removal of sperm duct(s)
  • Suspension of testis
  • Penis plastic surgery
  • Revision of the penis
  • Incision of the urethra
  • Removal of swelling in scrotum
  • Repair of circumcision
  • Lysis or excision of penile lesion

Let the experts at Banner Health help get you back to your normal day to day routine. We’re here for you.

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