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Pediatric Surgery

When your child is sick or hurt and surgery is the recommended treatment option, you want the best that medicine has to offer, including highly skilled doctors, nurses and surgeons who understand kids and provide compassionate care. Our kid-connected experts are tuned into how children think and feel and know what kids need every step of the way.

What Pediatric Surgical Services Are Available at Banner Children’s?

Banner Children’s is home to some of the most accomplished practitioners and care teams in pediatric medicine. Our pediatric surgeons provide an array of surgical services for children ranging from premature newborns to young adults in their early twenties. Our highly-trained team of surgeons is dedicated to providing the best surgical care possible in a family-friendly environment, from routine outpatient surgeries to more complex inpatient procedures. 

Our surgeons use both minimally invasive surgical procedures and robot-assisted surgery whenever possible. These types of surgeries only require tiny incisions, which means less pain, faster recovery time and a shorter hospital stay—all of which will let your child get home and return to regular activities faster.    

Types of Surgeries Available

At Banner Children’s, we’ll work tirelessly to provide always-on individualized care for your child needs. We offer a wide range of surgeries, including: 

Who Is on My Child’s Surgical Care Team?

Our pediatric surgical team includes surgeons, anesthesiologists, other pediatric specialists, nurses and child life specialists {Link to} who all have a dedicated clinical focus on children and their physical, mental and emotional needs. Our team of specialists works closely together to provide the best care possible.

You’re an important part of the team, too, because no one knows your child like you do. Our family of caregivers thinks of ourselves as an extension of your family. We get to know you and your child as we create a personalized plan of care and stay close to you through every step. Our team will work with you to provide the complete care your child needs so they can get back to being a kid. 

How Can You Prepare for Surgery? 

We know a successful surgery includes focused preparation, detailed execution and post-surgery attention. Learn more about what to expect during surgery, what to bring to the hospital and how talk to your child about the surgery.

What Happens After Surgery? 

Our team is here to ensure your surgery experience is successful and will work with you to make sure all of your questions are answered as your child recovers. Learn more about what to expect as your child recovers from surgery