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Pediatric Imaging Services

In order to make the right treatment decisions for your child, screenings and diagnostic imaging tests may be needed. Sometimes testing can be uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary for kids, but we are here to make the process of getting better, better.

At Banner Children’s, our goal is to make your child’s testing experience as fast and as comfortable as possible.

Comprehensive Pediatric Imaging Services

It takes special skills to capture the high-quality images we need to rule out, diagnose or treat your child’s condition – and make the experience as comfortable for your child as possible. That’s why our Banner Children’s imaging departments are designed to be as kid-friendly as possible.

It’s also why our medical imaging team members like radiologists, technologists and anesthesiologists are specially-trained in pediatric care. We offer a wide range of specialized diagnostic and therapeutic radiologic services designed to address the unique needs of infants, children and adolescents, including:

Our Banner Children’s medical imaging departments also offer conscious sedation for tests such as MRI or nuclear medicine. Anesthesiologists control conscious sedation and often use it for tests or procedures that require a child to hold still for a long time.

Other Diagnostic Screenings for Pediatric Patients

We also provide a number of additional diagnostic screening tests, including:

Banner Children’s is here to provide comfortable, customized care for your child, no matter what.