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Specialty Medication FAQ

Banner Pharmacy Services – Specialty Care fills medications that treat chronic, acute and even rare medical conditions. Read on for more information on the most frequently asked questions around specialty medications.

Specialty Medication Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay for my specialty prescription?

A: Medications can be expensive. You’re in good hands with Banner Family Pharmacy Services. Our specialty care provides specially trained staff to work with your insurance company. We can even help with foundation grants you may qualify for and any drug manufacturer assistance programs. Our pharmacy patient experts make sure that all financial resources are applied before you pay out-of-pocket.

For copayments and coinsurance amounts, we accept credit card, HSA or FSA card or by check. We store your preferred method of payment in a secure system for future refills.

Q: How is my medication preserved while it's on route to my home?

A: Many specialty medications require refrigeration. We make sure temperature-sensitive medications are sealed, insulated and cooled with gel packs when needed. We recommend that you open your package and refrigerate it immediately after it arrives.

Q: Is there a specific supply of specialty medications available to have on hand?

A: Most specialty medications are provided in 30-day supplies. For some patients who require specialty medications for a longer period of time, we can send a supply of medication that is greater than 30 days. You may reach our 24-hour pharmacy order service by phone at (844) 747-6442.

Q: What if I want to opt out of Banner Specialty Pharmacy Services?

A: You can call our toll-free number at (844) 747-6442 to opt-out of the reminder calls and/or assessments. You can also use that number to opt back into part or all of the specialty patient management program.

Q: Will a health care provider check in with me during the course of my treatment?

A: Specialty medications are unique in that they usually require some extra care while you receive therapy. We partner with you to make sure that you get the most from your specialty medication. We check in with you to make sure the medication helps you reach your treatment goals and can address any side effects you may experience.

Q: How do I manage the quality and quantity of medication on hand?

A: We recommend you look at the expiration date on your medicines every time before taking them. Do not take medicine if it is expired. If you have many packages for the same medicine, use the medicine package with the earliest expiration date first.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your specialty medications, call us at (844) 747-6442 or email for assistance. Our specialty care professionals are here to help.

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