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We understand that some medications require special care and handling. For chronic, acute or rare medical conditions, Banner Pharmacy Services – Specialty Care is here to fill your medication and get you the care you need. Our specialty care clinic will partner directly with your pharmacist to help you reach your long-term medication and treatment goals.

What are Specialty Care Pharmacy Services?

Through our specialty pharmacy services, you’ll receive integrated, hands-on service from your provider and pharmacist. We also offer free shipping, refill reminders and access to our therapy management programs to ensure you get the most out of your medications.

Banner Pharmacy Services – Specialty Care is dedicated to providing affordable, easy and convenient care to all our patients.

The special care pharmacy includes:

  • Convenient delivery options
  • Financial assistance
    • Complete benefit investigation
    • Manufacturer copay assistance
    • Foundation copay assistance, when applicable
  • 24-hour access to your specialty pharmacy for questions, compliments, complaints or concerns
  • Insurance support
  • Information on whether the pharmacy is in network or out of network for your health benefit plan and how this affects your cost
  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Reminders to refill your medication
  • Therapy management programs
  • Assistance in many languages as well as for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired

Additionally, our specialty care experts can offer support via telehealth services. Learn more about our telehealth program here.

Most specialty care medications are provided in 30-day supplies. For patients who require specialty medications for a longer period of time, we can send a supply that is greater than 30 days.

How Can A Specialty Clinical Pharmacist Help?

Our specialty clinical pharmacist can help by:

  • Providing information about your treatment and how to use it
  • Answering questions about your disease or treatment
  • Working with you on avoiding or managing any side effects you may encounter during treatment
  • Working with your doctor to obtain your prescriptions and assist with the management of your treatment

In addition to helping you with your specialty medications, our Pharmacy Patient Advocates (PPA) can assist with insurance billing for your specialty medicines. Every patient enrolled in the Specialty Pharmacy has access to a PPA free of charge.

Your PPA works closely with pharmacists, technicians and the Pharmacy Billing Office to help answer your billing questions, get insurance information, check your coverage and streamline the payment process. In addition, your PPA can also identify if you qualify for help paying for medications. Please tell your PPA if you have any insurance changes.

We recommend taking advantage of the services offered by our program to help you get the most out of your specialty medications. However, if you choose to opt out of these services, you can let a Pharmacy Patient Advocate or a Pharmacist know at any time.

How to Contact Your PPA

Contact your specialty pharmacy during business hours to speak with a Specialty Clinical Pharmacist or Pharmacy Patient Advocate.

Specialty Medication

Banner Family Pharmacy can provide medications for conditions that require specialty medications.

These conditions include:

Learn more about the other conditions we can help treat with specialty medication.

Medication Check-Up

For patients who are on multiple medications, we offer a polypharmacy review when necessary. In many cases, patients have medications added to their list, but rarely have medications taken off. This “medication reset” evaluation is important to ensure patients are getting the most out of their treatments and therapies.

Talk to your pharmacist or your primary care doctor today to get a medication check-up.

Specialty Pharmacy FAQ

To learn more about our specialty pharmacy services, refer to our FAQ page and find additional information here:

Banner Family Pharmacy - Chandler provides pharmacy services to the following geographic areas: Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. 

To get started with our specialty pharmacy services or for any questions or concerns regarding your specialty medications, please call us at (844) 747-6442. Our knowledgeable staff will provide any additional information you may need.

Our Banner Family Pharmacy-Chandler Specialty Pharmacy has received a URAC accreditation and an ACHC accreditation.

For grievance/complaints, you may call the Accreditation Commission for Health Care at (855) 937-2242.

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