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Fall Prevention Physical Therapy

If you’re at risk for falling, build up your strength with fall prevention therapy from Banner Physical Therapy. Let our licensed experts help you get stronger and reduce the fall risk factors. 

What Is Fall Prevention?

The fall prevention physical therapy program from Banner Health helps to keep at-risk patients from falling. The program is designed to include exercises, stretches and more to help strengthen your muscles and help reduce your risk of falling. 

Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy for Fall Prevention?

Fall prevention therapy can benefit older adults who need to improve balance and are at-risk of falls. As people get older, it’s important to keep muscles strong and balance steady to prevent falls. 

What Is Fall Prevention Therapy Used For?

Mainly used to strengthen and improve balance, fall prevention therapy is also used for individuals who live alone and have fallen before. 

What to Expect During Fall Prevention Therapy

Before therapy begins, your doctor may ask about previous falls, conditions that may cause you to fall or your medical background. Addressing where there is loss of strength and where the problems exist is where the journey begins for therapy. 

Upon starting fall prevention therapy, you will be given simple strength-building exercises to do with the therapist and at home. These exercises are designed to build up your balance and stability and utilizing these exercises will help decrease the risk of falls.

What Happens After Therapy?

After fall prevention therapy, your body will be stronger, and you will be more aware of potential fall risks. Consider making changes in your home or workspace to prevent falling as well. Take a look at increasing the light in your area, removing potential hazards that may cause you to trip and keep up on the exercises that your therapist prescribed you. The key to reducing the risk of falling is to continue with exercises that help build your strength. 

Let Banner Physical Therapy create a personalized fall prevention plan to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more. 

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