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Functional Capacity Evaluation

The expert physical therapists at Banner Health are specially trained to perform a functional capacity evaluation. Learn more about how the evaluation is used and what to expect during the evaluation.

What Is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

A functional capacity evaluation provides an objective and comprehensive overview of an individual’s ability to perform essential work functions. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants. It helps determine safe, functional levels for an individual to either return to work or to help establish functional ability and determine if they can be a part of our larger WorkStrategies Program. A variety of tests and observations are used to help evaluate and determine a proper diagnosis in a subjective manner.  

What to Expect During a Functional Capacity Evaluation 

During a functional capacity evaluation, you can expect to be asked to perform activities like pushing, carrying or lifting objects to see if you are able to perform these duties. Other measurements that may be evaluated can include:

  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Bending 
  • Duration of walking and standing

Once all of the required tests are completed, the functional capacity physical therapist and the doctor can determine a diagnosis. Therapists also utilize the evaluation to determine rehabilitation, work status and being able to meet job demands.

The physical therapists at Banner Physical Therapy are here to help with any questions around the functional capacity evaluation. Contact Banner today with any concerns or questions or to find a functional capacity evaluation near me now. 

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