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Primary Care Services

We offer a variety of primary care services for you and your loved ones. There are some different specialties to choose from that allow you to get the care that is right for you within Banner Health primary care services.

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Family Medicine

Family medicine offers continuous care from birth to end of life for you. A family medicine doctor may see your entire family and provide care that includes pediatric, geriatric and women’s health services.  

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Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine doctors offer primary care services to adults. They can treat adults for a variety of health needs and often specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions. 

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Keep your loved ones healthy from the time they are born through their young adult life. From well-child exams to treatment of minor injuries and illnesses to management of chronic conditions, our pediatric providers offer comprehensive care for those aged 0-21. 

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OB/GYN and Gynecology Services

Our OB/GYN providers are dedicated to helping women through every age and stage of life – from well-woman exams to pregnancy. 

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Our geriatric doctors treat adults aged 65 and older. These providers can help you maintain your health, independence and quality of life. 

Learn more about the services and specialties provided by geriatric medicine. 

Family Medicine vs Internal Medicine

What’s the difference between family medicine and internal medicine? Family medicine focuses on continuous care from birth to end of life. This service also allows adults and children to visit the same primary care physician. 

Internal medicine is focused specifically on care for adult patients throughout their adult life. Oftentimes, internal medicine doctors have a subspecialty, such as oncology or cardiology, to help treat any conditions that may arise in adulthood.

Innovation in Primary Care Services

We offer a variety of services that make primary care more accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it. 

Virtual Waiting Room

Our virtual waiting room uses text message alerts so you can wait in your vehicle prior to your primary care visit rather than sitting inside the office. 

If you would like to use our virtual waiting room option, talk to your provider’s office when you schedule your next appointment. 

From there, you will receive a text message with further instructions. At the time of your appointment, simply stay in your vehicle when you arrive at your provider’s office. You will receive a text message when your provider is ready to see you.