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Spine Conditions and Disorders

Our team of Banner Brain & Spine experts is focused on providing the best care for your spine condition. Whether you’ve been dealing with discomfort for your whole life or have recently developed new symptoms, lean on our specialists to help you manage the pain and discomfort and get you back to your daily life.

Different Types of Spine Disorders

Spine conditions and disorders can include degenerative conditions, spinal tumors and spinal deformities. Understanding the cause and source of your spine pain and discomfort is the first step to diagnosis and treatment. Spine conditions can be present at the time of your birth or develop as you age. Before our team of experts can determine the type of treatment you may need, they will need to diagnose the type of spinal condition to create a custom treatment plan, specific to your condition and needs.

Degenerative Spine Conditions

Degenerative spine conditions often present themselves as we age. These conditions develop gradually over time and may result in the loss of form or strength of the spine. Common degenerative spine conditions include lumbar stenosis, sciatica and herniated discs. 

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Spinal Tumors

While it is believed genetics may play a part in the development of spinal tumors, the exact cause is unknown. Additionally, some tumors may develop as a result of a compromised immune system. Some common types of spinal tumors include schwannoma and meningioma.

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Spinal Deformities

Spinal deformities can occur over time and affect the alignment of the spine. Some deformities can impact the nerves causing pain, weakness and even numbness in the limbs. The main forms of spinal deformities include scoliosis and lordosis.

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Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is a common spine condition that can have many causes. It’s important to listen to your body when you feel pain in your back and neck, as it can be more than just pain in the muscles.

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