Doctor talking to patient with neck brace


At Banner Brain & Spine, we take a comprehensive approach to our spine care program with a variety of care and treatment options. Our teams take a multidisciplinary approach to your care, ensuring you receive the best treatment possible. When you need complete and compassionate care, we are here for you.

What Is Spine Care?

Our spine care program was developed to focus specifically on back pain and spine conditions. Our multidisciplinary spine team includes experts from physical therapy, psychology, physiatry, wellness coaching, pain management, neurology, neurosurgery and orthopedics.

When to See a Neurosurgeon vs. an Orthopedist?

Our approach considers your individual pain and symptoms. In our evaluations, we include specialists from our neurosurgery and orthopedics teams to properly diagnose your condition and determine a route of treatment that fits your needs.

Some back pain can be just that: pain, caused by everyday activities. Other times, your back pain may be an indication that something more serious is affecting your nervous system. It’s important for our experts to fully evaluate your symptoms to get you on the right path to recovery and relief.

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