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Jacquelin Danielle Fryer

JD FryerJacquelin Danielle (J.D.) Fryer, RD, CSCS, is the Performance Dietitian Nutritionist at Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center. She specializes in optimizing the performance of athletes of all ages, both professional and recreational, as well as teams and organizations. She focuses on enhanced performance, accelerated recovery and addresses complex health issues through tailored sports nutrition strategies. In addition, she assists referred orthopedic sports medicine patients in a sports dietitian and integrated functional medicine registered dietitian role.

Starting at a young age, J.D. engaged in competitive gymnastics for fifteen years. Her personal athletic journey inspired her to seek evidence-based solutions to boost performance and expedite recovery from injuries. With extensive experience and continuous learning, J.D. not only approaches athletes scientifically but with empathy and attentive listening. By understanding and nurturing each athlete individually, J.D. is able to develop solutions that meet their unique physical needs.

J.D. is an experienced national speaker and the author of Evolve Healthy, A Mindfulness Guide to Food and Body Liberation. With over two decades of experience as a performance RD, she has served as a professional nutrition consultant for a variety of international corporate wellness programs, hospitality resorts and sports teams across the nation, including gymnastics, track and field, cross country running, soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, cycling, marathons, triathlons and roller derby.

J.D. earned a degree in dietetics-nutrition from the University of Alabama and is a registered dietitian (RD), sports specialist in sports nutrition, NSCA board-certified strength and conditioning specialist, registered yoga teacher, Vedic Thai bodyworker and somatic breathwork practitioner. 

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