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About the High Performance Center

Elevate your game and performance with the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center. We are a comprehensive high-performance training and development facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our elite analytics and training center offers pro-level support for each athlete’s journey, whether you are a recreational athlete, a professional athlete or a high performer.

The High Performance Center’s team of professionals blend the science of sports with the expertise of sports performance to help you identify areas for improvement and create game plans to help you achieve your unique goals. Each athlete is immersed in a continuum of care, from injury prevention to performance to recovery.

Services we provide at the High Performance Center include:

  • High performance lab testing and evaluation: Combines research-grade technology and equipment with analysis and data-driven programming from our team of expert practitioners to address your unique needs and goals.
  • Sports medicine and injury prevention: Offers individualized treatment and corrective exercise plans to decrease your risk of injury, minimize pain and soreness and recondition your body to increase functionality.
  • Performance training: Improve human movement, speed, strength, power, agility and endurance to boost performance.
  • Sport and skill development: Sports-specific simulators, training equipment and one-on-one coaching to improve abilities in your respective sport of choice.
  • Recovery and regeneration: An integrated approach that aims to increase physical and mental recovery and readiness.
  • Performance nutrition and mental performance: Nutrition, hydration, sleep and mindset are critical players in helping you fuel and refuel and sustain peak performance.

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Why Choose Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center

We are a destination sports medicine and high performance complex that offers a full spectrum of high-level athletic assessment, training programs and sports medicine care. We have the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your athletic and performance pursuits.

When you choose the High Performance Center, you’ll benefit from the following:

A state-of-the-art training space: Our facility comprises a 17,000-square-foot professional-grade indoor facility and a 29,000-square-foot outdoor training area with professional-grade turf. We offer athletes and performers of all skill levels real-time, true-to-sport assessment and training.

Extensive research-grade testing and training equipment and recovery: Home to an instrumented high performance lab and technology-enabled pro-style weight room featuring strength, cardio and functional training equipment that supports injury prevention, performance enhancement, recovery and return to performance when injuries occur.

We also have technologies integrated into sport-specific applications, like baseball, basketball, golf and other court and field sports, to assess and monitor athletes in their natural sport and training environment.

Testing and training equipment includes:

  • 3D biomechanics systems featuring markerless motion capture cameras and force plates
  • Fully instrumented MLB-grade pitching and hitting tunnels, complete with research-grade systems specific to pitching and hitting analysis
  • Treadmetrix instrumented treadmill with integrated motion capture for gait and running analysis
  • VALD systems to monitor and train human performance and strength
  • Metabolic testing including VO2 and resting metabolic rate
  • Balance and proprioception assessment and training
  • Other innovative equipment from Woodway, Rogue, Technogym, AlterG, Gymaware and more
  • Evidence-based injury prevention strategies and practices, such as muscle compression and percussion therapies, red light therapy, hydrotherapy and blood flow restriction recovery, to create a shorter and more sustainable recovery

Integrated sports medicine: We bring together the best of sports science and sports medicine all under one roof. Athletes who need medical support or guidance have onsite access to physical therapists and highly skilled orthopedic and sports medicine providers at Banner Sports Medicine.

Meet the High Performance Center team.

Innovative research and education: Our firm foundation in sports medicine research at Banner–University Medical Center Phoenix  ensures our growth in technology and treatment for sports-related injuries. We leverage this research to continuously improve our ability to help prevent injuries and improve performance. And our concussion management program is one of the most extensive in Arizona.

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Our team at the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center is ready. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at (480) 733-7450.  

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