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Non-operative Sports Medicine

We understand that when an injury forces you out of the game or sport you love, having to undergo surgery can further delay your progress.

Surgery isn’t the only solution to dealing with sports-related injuries. Many injuries or conditions that historically required surgery can now be treated with non-operative, conservative care.

At Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale, we offer non-operative treatment recommendations if it is in the best interest of your care. Our primary care sports medicine specialists provide people of all ages the same routine medical care found at a family doctor, enhanced with the same sports medicine expertise used to treat professional athletes.

If surgery is the right approach, we’ll ensure the hand-off with your surgical team is as seamless as possible and meets your short- and long-term goals.

What is a Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialist?

Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale is one connected practice that includes physicians who are all board-certified and fellowship-trained in internal or family medicine and sports medicine.

Advanced treatment options for sports medicine are available to the entire family. In addition, your provider can guide referrals to physical therapy, recommend lifestyle changes, provide tools and help plan for specific performance and conditioning goals.

Primary care sports medicine offers:

  • Treatment of overuse or acute injuries
  • Pre-participation physical examinations
  • Injury assessment and management
  • Exercise and performance guidance
  • Injury prevention
  • Concussion management
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Communication with coaches, athletic trainers, school administration and families
  • Regenerative medicine treatment options

Non-Operative Solutions Available at Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale

Sports medicine encompasses most musculoskeletal injuries, which include strains, sprains, tears, contusions and fractures. Not all of these require surgery and can be treated with non-invasive options, such as physical therapy, injections, bracing and more.


Our sports medicine team collaborates to develop a customized physical therapy plan to help relieve your pain and advance your course of treatment.

Learn more about Banner Physical Therapy.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a natural nonsurgical method of harnessing your body’s own healing response.

We offer injections using platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy and ultrasonic therapy. All treatments involve injecting agents (your body’s cells) into the injury site.

Learn more about Regenerative Medicine.

Non-Invasive Spine Services

We offer non-invasive spine procedures, such as in-house epidurals, ablations, image-guided nerve blocks and electromyography and nerve conduction studies.

Concussion Management

The uniqueness of the Banner Concussion Clinic at Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale is that all specialists who touch the diagnosis of concussions are under one roof here at Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale. Our team includes primary care sports medicine, neuro-optometry, occupational and vision therapy, athletic training, physical therapy, vestibular and balance therapy, neuropsychology, sports psychology and sports nutrition.

Learn more about Concussion Care and Management.

Sports Nutrition

Proper nutrition can optimize your performance, improve your endurance and assist in strength and muscle recovery. Our registered dietitians and nutrition specialists use the latest research to evaluate and assess individual needs and develop individualized nutrition plans to boost athletic performance.

We help athletes of all ages and athletic abilities and provide specialized services for those with disordered eating, diabetes, anemia and specialized diets. 

Sports Psychology

Mental health obstacles and high-stress environments can get in the way of ultimate success and enjoyment in your chosen sports.

Our clinically trained psychologists who are specialized in sports medicine teach and apply psychological strategies to manage mental health issues. They can help with goal setting, mental imagery, team building, performance enhancement, stress and time management.

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