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Concussion Prevention

The team at Banner Health is here to answer any questions you may have about concussion prevention. Learn more about how to keep yourself and your family safe during sports and everyday activities with our tips for concussion prevention. 

How Can I Prevent a Concussion?

While you cannot always prevent a concussion, it’s important to try to reduce the risk of getting a concussion. 

Preventing a Concussion During Sports 

If you are playing a sport, ensure you have the proper sports equipment to protect your head. If you wear a helmet during a sport, be aware that this does not always prevent a concussion as the brain could still have contact with the skull. 

Preventing a Concussion for Kids

For children, try to play on softer surfaces, such as mulch or sand, to reduce the risk of a harder fall. 

Preventing a Concussion in Your Home

Consider placing rails in your bathroom to prevent falls and reduce the risk of a concussion. Staircases can also be a risk, so consider placing handrails on the sides of the stairs. 

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