How to Schedule and Join a Video Visit

What Is a Video Visit?

Banner Telehealth now offers video visits from a smartphone or computer with video and audio capabilities. Video visits are a convenient, secure and easy way to manage your health from home while still being able to see and talk to your Banner doctors. 

What Do You Need for a Video Visit?

To ensure you have a successful video visit, it’s important to have the right equipment. You will need a device such as a mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet with video and audio capabilities. This will ensure that your doctor can see you and better diagnose symptoms that you may have. 

How to Schedule a Video Visit

To schedule a primary or specialty care video visit, please call your doctor’s office to set up a date and time for the video visit. They will then send over reminders and notifications as your appointment date nears. 

If you’re looking for non-life-threatening urgent care, you can schedule a video visit online

How to Join a Video Visit with Your Doctor

If you are located in the Phoenix-metro area or Colorado: 

  1. Intake Page. Your provider’s office should have created your video appointment for you. Begin by completing the patient intake form.
  2. Confirm Visit. Check the box to confirm that the information entered is accurate and you are giving electronic consent to treat.
  3. Visit Confirmation. You are all set for your scheduled video appointment. 
  4. Join Now. To join your scheduled appointment, login 15 minutes before your appointment and click the “Join Now” button. If you log in more than 15 minutes prior to appointment, you will not be able to join the waiting room. This will take you to the virtual waiting room. Your provider will get a notice that you are waiting. When they are ready to see you, they will ask you to click “Join Now” once again. 
  5. Virtual Waiting Room. Remember to click “Allow” when entering your virtual waiting room for camera and audio. This will ensure your provider can hear and see you through your device. Clicking “OK” on the middle pop-up message confirms how you will be notified when the provider alerts you that they are ready. 
  6. Video Visit Survey. Your providers and support staff want to ensure that they are creating an exceptional virtual experience for you. Please let them know how they did by completing the survey after your visit.

If you are located in Tucson:

  • Your doctors office will send you an invitation to join the telehealth visit shortly before your scheduled appointment.
  • If using a mobile device, you will be sent a text message. Please click the link within the text and you will be automatically redirected to the telehealth waiting room. If you are using Safari on an iOS device, you will need to grant access to to your camera and microphone.
  • If you are using a desktop or laptop device, you will be sent an email to the address you provided your doctor’s office. Please click the link in the email and you will be automatically redirected to the telehealth waiting room. You must use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to conduct the visit. If you do not have either of these browsers installed on your device, please do so beforehand.