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Have you had your flu shot this year? Are you up-to-date on your tetanus booster shot? Banner Health’s fast, convenient urgent care clinics offer both flu and tetanus vaccinations. Walk-in or make a reservation to ensure you’re taking care of yourself with these important preventive vaccines.

What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines play a major role in keeping you healthy, protecting you from many serious diseases. They help your immune system fight off illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria to prevent you from getting sick.

Most vaccines require an injection (shot) in your leg or arm. The length of a vaccine’s effectiveness varies. Some require an annual injection. Others may protect you for a lifetime.

Why Do You Need to Get Vaccines?

Vaccines are an important part of public health. Vaccines can protect you from contracting many serious illnesses and prevent you from getting sick.

Banner Health follows the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immunization schedule recommendations to ensure you receive the appropriate vaccines throughout your lifetime. Vaccines are especially important for people at higher risk, such as young children and adults age 65 and older.

Does Urgent Care Offer Vaccinations?

Yes, Banner Health’s urgent care clinics offer select vaccinations. Urgent care vaccines are convenient and accessible.

What are Types of Vaccines Offered at Banner Health Urgent Care

Banner Health’s experienced medical providers offer the following vaccines at our urgent care clinics:

  • Flu shots: It is recommended that everyone age 6 months and older receive a flu (influenza) vaccine annually.
  • Tetanus shots: Can you get a tetanus shot at urgent care? The answer is yes. It is recommended that a tetanus series be administered to children, followed by a tetanus booster shot every 10 years. Additionally, if you have a cut or puncture wound, your doctor may recommend a tetanus shot.