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Leadership Commitment

 “While Banner Health’s Diversity and Inclusion Council was established in 2015, our quest toward inclusivity and a culturally-rich workplace began long before. And in our pursuit, we have learned diversity and inclusion aren’t destinations, but commitments to empower the lives of more than 50,000 team members and those we serve. At Banner, we value the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view of our team members. We believe that leveraging these unique perspectives is an opportunity to enhance our knowledge, strengthen our culture and generate greater trust within and outside of our organization. At Banner we are a tapestry of cultures, experiences, expressions and we are here for everyone.”

Peter S. Fine, FACHE
President and CEO


“The idea of diversity, whether among our customers or team members, encompasses both similarities and differences. Inclusion is the action of making everyone feel that they are a valuable member of our community. Our team members and customers include individuals from many different backgrounds, and we strive to provide a space where they can be their authentic selves. At the same time, we recognize that all of us share similarities as well-we strive to perform meaningful work, we want to create a healthy and happy environment for ourselves and our families, and we want to feel safe and secure in our communities. Banner’s commitment to diversity and inclusion helps further those common goals.”

Naomi Cramer
Chief Human Resource Officer


“Even if only one person changes, it was worth it.” - Banner Team Member

“This statement by a Banner team member who participated in our Building Inclusive Teams training validates Banner is charting the right course in strengthening our inclusive culture and ensuring each person knows and is recognized for their value. Banner has quickly grown to more than 50,000 team members and our goal is clear: cultivate a culturally rich workforce that is representative of and honored to serve the diverse communities we belong to. We believe by leveraging our team members’ unique points of view, experiences and talents, we not only enhance our ability to provide the best customer care, but also support our effectiveness and success as a health care provider of choice. We have the tools and leadership support to accomplish our vision in forging a meaningful path for success.”

Jackie Hunter, DC, MHA
Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion / Talent Pipeline