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Human-Centered Design and Testing

At Banner Innovation Group (BIG), we are focused on emerging ideas that benefit the future of health for our patients. Our approach is rooted in human-centered design principles, which places the people using a particular solution at the heart of the design process.

The Banner Innovation Design Cycle

Banner Innovation Group (BIG) utilizes an iterative, user-centric design cycle to explore ways to improve the health care experience for our communities. Our design process starts with deep research on topics that affect patients, caregivers, clinicians and health care organizations to gain insights into unmet needs and lingering challenges, allowing us to empathize with the people directly involved. Through methods like interviews, exercises, and direct observation, we gather data that reveals a compelling story about motivations, behaviors, frustrations and aspirations.

From Empathy to Ideation

These foundational insights fuel our ideation phase, where Banner Health customers, team members and partners meet and work together to imagine new ways of resolving recurring challenges. Brainstorming sessions with a rich diversity of experiences, perspectives and expertise create an interactive environment that generates ideas that no one team could conceive of on their own.

Testing Our Solutions

BIG develops testable prototypes from our collaborators’ most promising ideas, allowing us to rapidly visualize, demonstrate and evaluate each with real-world data. We use various methods to test our prototypes, ranging from simple usability tests to embedded pilot programs. These tests gather important data on preferences, behaviors, outcomes and operational impact to guide further development.

Improvement Through Iteration

A key component of human-centered design is its iterative nature. Innovation is a continuous process of learning, adapting, testing and improving. By looping back to earlier stages with insights gained from testing, BIG ensures our solutions not only meet existing needs but are also inclusive and equitable across all populations we serve. Banner Innovation Group's commitment to human-centered design principles ensures that our work is not only impactful and people-focused, but adaptable to the inevitable changes that will occur in the lives of our customers, communities, clinicians, and team members.