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Strategic Partnerships with Banner Innovation Group

Partnerships play a pivotal role in building shared impact and breakthrough results at Banner Health. The Banner Innovation Group facilitates and nurtures long-term partnerships with forward-thinking companies that deliver improved patient outcomes, scalability and sustainable value.

Partnering to Transform Health

Our primary goal is to cultivate strategic alliances with partners interested in evaluating emerging and unproven solutions at a larger scale, thereby unlocking opportunities for shared value and strategic advantage beyond the reach of either organization alone. By identifying and exploring novel ideas together, we build essential partnerships for researching, developing and refining innovative medical devices, services and technologies to drive meaningful and accelerated progress in the health care ecosystem.

Alignment on Results and Impact

Central to our approach is the implementation of standardized and streamlined procedures designed to assess, track and ensure the long-term health of our partnerships and affiliations. We ensure organizational alignment and operational efficiency through this structured framework, enabling us to effectively manage a diverse portfolio of partnerships spanning various health care verticals and engagement channels. Our partners benefit from the extensive system and strong leadership at Banner Health to accelerate early development, test and refine cycles and market adoption.

A Network of Innovation

We cultivate a robust partnership network that extends across the health care ecosystem, encompassing a spectrum of stakeholders including startups, research institutions, industry leaders and beyond. This expansive network not only amplifies our capacity for innovation, but also facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration, ultimately driving collective progress in transforming health care for all.

By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, the Banner Innovation Group and our partnership network remains dedicated to catalyzing transformative change within the health care industry. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence, we strive to redefine the boundaries of possibility and shape the future of health care delivery for the betterment of our team members, partners, industry and broader communities we serve.