Cataratas: lo que debes saber
Estudio del Instituto Nacional del Ojo [(NEI, por sus siglas en inglés) (en inglés)] ha encontrado que más de la mitad de los estadounidenses de 80 años...
May 23
The Basics of Blood Sugar
Chances are you know someone who has to keep a close eye on their blood glucose (BG) levels, because they have diabetes. But do you know why monitoring...
May 20
From Crawling to Walking: How to Babyproof Your Home
Welcoming a new baby is a wonderful experience, but the endless baby books and websites dedicated to keeping your little one safe can often make the preparations...
Apr 25
How Dirty is Your Toilet Seat, Really?
If someone asked you to name the dirtiest thing in your house, would you automatically say your toilet seat? You probably would, but you’d be wrong. We...
Apr 19
Do I Have Low Testosterone?
Advertisements for “low testosterone” or “Low T” supplements have taken over our televisions lately, with companies selling products they promise will...
Apr 13
Blood Thinners: What You Need To Know
Millions of Americans take blood thinners every day to keep their blood flowing smoothly and prevent dangerous blood clots from forming within their bodies....
Mar 11
Nursemaid’s Elbow: Is My Child At Risk?
Just because nursemaid’s elbow—also referred to as pulled elbow or radial head subluxation—is a common childhood injury, doesn’t mean you’ve heard of it...
Mar 02
Should I Call Poison Control?
Children are inquisitive from birth, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t child-proof everything. Often, prescription and over-the-counter medications...
Mar 01
Kate Jacobsen

Kate Jacobsen

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