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Here’s Why Your Medication Contains Active and Inactive Ingredients
When you take medication, whether it’s over-the-counter or prescription, you might notice that your medicine contains active and inactive ingredients....
May 02
These Expert Strategies Make It Easy to Travel with Your Medication
If you routinely take medication, it can feel daunting to travel, especially by plane. But don’t let the hassles of managing your medication while you...
Dec 14 2
Can the Medications I Take Make Me Sensitive to Heat and the Sun?
Summer days spent out on the lake, at the beach or pool with friends and family can be lots of fun. But soaking up the sun could mean trouble for your...
Aug 15
Brand-Name Versus Generic Medications: What’s the Difference?
One product many of us really came to miss early on in the global pandemic was our brand-name toilet paper (yes, TP!). We found ourselves scouring store...
Aug 13
The Top Warning Signs You Might Be Taking Too Many Medications
It’s easy to find yourself taking several different medications. Maybe you have an antihistamine you take to manage your allergies. A medication that keeps...
Jul 17
Headache? Backache? Joint Pain? How to Choose the Right Pain Reliever
Over-the-counter pain medications are a medicine cabinet staple—you probably have some Advil, Tylenol, or aspirin stashed in yours, ready for the next...
Apr 11
Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Importance of Taking Your Medication as Prescribed
Using medications correctly at the right time and in the right way as prescribed by your doctor can help keep you healthy and control medical issues, but...
Mar 04
Por Qué Nunca Debes Tirar el Inserto Incluido en el Empaque de tu Medicamento
Podría ser que tu hija tiene faringitis estreptocócica y su doctor le recete un antibiótico. Podría ser que estés resurtiendo tu medicamento para el control...
Feb 21
Sugerencias de Seguridad para el Manejo de Medicamentos en Adultos Mayores con Diabetes
La insulina y los medicamentos son una parte importante del manejo de la diabetes (en inglés). Pero si eres un adulto mayor con diabetes y especialmente...
Jan 26
Can You Overdose on Vitamins? Watch for These Symptoms
We’ve all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you.” But what about when it comes to vitamins? Can you ever really overdo them? “Yes,...
Jan 07