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Creating Dementia Friendly Communities
The City of Surprise is Arizona's second Dementia Friendly City, which offers services every two weeks to people living with dementia and their loved ones....
Nov 19
Restoring Neck Mobility With M6-C Implant
A new implant recently approved by the FDA provides a noninvasive alternative to disc fusions, which allows patients to eliminate what's typically excruciating...
Nov 18
Pregnant And Hungry: A Quick Guide To Eating Right
You’ve probably heard the phrase “eating for two” mentioned if you know anyone who has been pregnant. But, eating for two doesn’t mean eating twice as...
Jan 23
Health Care Heroes: Nursing Families Caring For Others
Appreciating what nurses do for health care doesn’t have to be confined to National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6. Nurses play a vital role in the...
Nov 23 1
Melodic Magic: Can Music Help Patients Heal?
My original chosen career was music — a classical pianist to be exact. But life challenges and changes diverted me from that path and led to a career as...
Jun 04