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Self-Enrollment and Training Guides

Self-Enrollment with Azure MFA

These instructions will guide you through enrolling in Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA). You can add multiple methods with self-enrollment, but whatever method you choose first will be the default option for confirming your identity. Because the order in which you enroll a method makes a difference, consider which method is most convenient for you to use most of the time before you begin the enrollment process. For example, if you use your mobile device as your first authentication method, Azure MFA will send authentication confirmation to the mobile device as soon as you access Clinical Connectivity.

The currently available authentication methods are using a mobile device or phone call back.

Mobile Devices
Mobile devices (phone or tablet) require an application download to receive a message that allows you to approve or deny the system sign in. If you are going to use a mobile device (phone, tablet) for your primary authentication method.

Mobile Device Enrollment 

Phone Call Back
Phone call back requires a designated desk or office phone number for Azure to call and for you to approve the system sign in. If you are going to use phone call back for your primary authentication method.

Phone Call Back Enrollment 

To learn more about Azure MFA process, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. For additional help with the Azure MFA enrollment process, please contact the Banner Service Desk at (602) 747-4444.

Clinical Connectivity Training Guides

Clinical Connectivity is Banner’s on-line link to clinical information.  It is designed for physicians, clinical staff, and health insurance staff to access clinical information quickly, easily and on their own schedules.

These user guides will assist you with the enrollment process and access of Banner Health’s Clinical Connectivity web portal: 

New Office Enrollment Guide

Getting Started Guide

Admin Training Guide

User Training Guide 

Technical Support

If you have urgent problems or questions, call the Service Desk at (602) 747-4444.

  • Press '3' for the Clinical Service Desk if you're having clinical application issues.
  • Press '2' for the Technical Service Desk if you're having computer related access issues.

For all other questions regarding Clinical Connectivity practice enrollment, enrollment status, or practice management, please contact the Clinical Connectivity Administrator