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Clinical Connectivity: Access Clinical Info Anytime, Anywhere.

Making Your Life Easier

Clinical Connectivity is Banner’s on-line link to clinical information. It is designed for physicians, office staff and health insurance staff to access clinical information quickly, easily and on their own schedules.

About Clinical Connectivity

Clinical Connectivity is reserved for the following Clinical Providers:

  • Banner Credentialed Providers: Providers who have privileges at one or more of Banner’s hospitals.
  • Clinical Staff: Office staff and clinical employees of physicians who provide treatment to patients that receive or are receiving services at one or more Banner Health facilities.
  • Ordering and Referring Providers: Licensed practitioners who provide treatment to patients that receive or are receiving services at one or more Banner Health facilities. 

Clinical Connectivity is accessible from any computer with internet access. Minimum requirements for access to the web portal include:

  • Computer running Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or 11 (Windows 7 and 8.1 will be discontinued in 2023)
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
  • Computer running MAC OSx 10.15 and above
    • Supported browsers: Safari (7.0 and above), Chrome (28.x and later), Mozilla Firefox (22.x and later)
  • Broadband internet access  

Clinical Connectivity Provides

Clinical Connectivity provides access to clinical information anytime, anywhere.

Applications available via Clinical Connectivity:

  • Cerner Millennium: Clinical information for Banner Health facility (lab, imaging reports, dictation, clinical results)
  • Fuji PACS Synapse: Radiology Imaging/ Picture Archive Communication System (PACS)
  • Report2Web: Report2Web notification/alert via a daily email. This email notifies the PCP/Internist/Pediatrician or OBG of an ED visit/Admit/OBG and/or Discharged event.
  • Patient-specific “face sheets” containing patient demographic and billing information
  • Direct Secure Messaging (DSM): is a secure exchange of clinical healthcare data between Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems to improve patient coordination of care.  DSM was developed as a technical standard for health care providers to communicate electronically, while ensuring the security of Protected Health Information.   

Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) enables community providers the ability to communicate with Banner Health securely. DSM is an alternative method to mailing or faxing your patient’s referral information, which can be time consuming and may not always be secure. DSM provides you the ability to send information about your patient’s health record within minutes. DSM allows clinicians timely clinical details and helps to address the significant gaps in information that occur during transitions of care. 

Direct Secure Messaging can be used for: 

  • Transitions of Care (CCD, CCD‐A documents) 
  • Lab Tests/Results 
  • Referring to Banner providers
  • Reports  

Enrolling is Easy

Enrollment is done via the web. Type in your web browser, or click the button below, and the Banner Health Clinical Connectivity home page will appear.


Click the “click here” link in the “Register a New Office Group” section. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Each group must have a sponsoring physician and a group administrator. The sponsoring physician can act as the group administrator, if desired.
  2. The sponsoring physician agrees to accept responsibility for the activities of the group administrator and all group members. The sponsoring physician must be a licensed physician who provides treatment to patients who receive or are receiving services at one or more Banner Health medical centers.
  3. The group administrator will usually be the office manager or administrator for a group of physicians and will be empowered to manage access and permissions for physicians and staff within their group.
  4. Access for all staff members and their applications may be requested during the enrollment process.
  5. The sponsoring physician and the group administrator must sign a Contract for Clinical Connectivity. This contract is an acknowledgement of your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of patient health information.

It can take up to approximately two weeks after the signed contract is returned to Banner IT to process your Clinical Connectivity request as follows:

  • A Clinical Connectivity contract and instructions are then emailed to the Group Administrator. A prompt return of your contract will enable us to complete your enrollment more quickly.
  • Once you return your contract, your Clinical Connectivity user IDs and temporary passwords will be emailed to the Group Administrator. Training guides are located at the bottom of this page in the Technical Support section. 

Learn more about self-enrollment with Azure MFA and view our training guides.  

Important Information

  • Each use of Clinical Connectivity is tracked, logged and subject for review.
  • Each user is accountable for the patient information that they access. Each user will only access the patient information needed in order to perform their responsibilities in providing direct patient care.
  • Physicians, Group Administrators and all users are required to comply with the terms under which this system should be used, which are outlined in the agreement signed by your organization. Your organization has a copy of these terms and each user should review them.
  • Access to Banner systems is only allowed within the 50 United States or its territories.

In addition to the full list of terms, we want to emphasize the following:

  • Access to the system is limited to employees of your organization only, and should not be given to subcontractors, consultants, external review agencies, or external auditors unless a specific exception has been made via the expressed written consent of Banner Health.
  • Passwords and user IDs are never to be shared among users under any circumstances. When reviewing clinical information in the Cerner system, users are only authorized to view those cases for which their organization is the provider (physician offices) or payor (insurance companies).
  • If an employee leaves your organization or no longer has a need to view this information, it is the responsibility of the Group Administrator to immediately remove the user from the Group. Violation of any of these rules is a breach of the terms of your agreement and could result in the immediate cancellation of all user IDs for your organization.

We are pleased to provide your organization with access to this system and feel that it enhances patient care for all of us.

However, Banner Health is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients and will take any action warranted to ensure that their health care data is secure.

Learn more about self-enrollment with Azure MFA and view our training guides

Technical Support

If you have urgent problems or questions, call the Service Desk at (602) 747-4444.

  • Press '3' for the Clinical Service Desk if you're having clinical application issues.
  • Press '2' for the Technical Service Desk if you're having computer related access issues.

For all other questions regarding Clinical Connectivity practice enrollment, enrollment status, or practice management, please contact the Clinical Connectivity Administrator 

Learn more about self-enrollment with Azure MFA and view our training guides