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Banner Health Transfer Services FAQs

What if I have a patient that needs to be admitted for behavioral health?  

Phoenix region behavioral health needs - (602) 839-2020 

Tucson region behavioral health needs - (520) 874-1225

What is Transfer Services fax number? 

Arizona Transfer Services - (602) 839-2477 

Colorado Transfer Services - (970) 810-6622

What information will be asked when I call to initiate a transfer?

  • Patient’s first and last name, date of birth, gender, and diagnosis.
  • Name of your referring physician and their call back phone number.
  • Which service is your physician requesting to speak with?
  • Is there a life or limb intervention need requiring the patient to go directly to IR, OR, or Cath Lab?
  • Phone number to call with the bed assignment.
  • Isolation needs.
  • Patient demographics sheet to be faxed.
  • A Banner Health Transfer Services RN will consult with your provider to discuss clinical information relevant to transfer and continuity of care.

Are all calls recorded?

Yes, all calls are recorded.

How does Banner Health Transfer Services determine which Banner facility my patient will go to?

Banner Health Transfer Services will attempt placement at the closest Banner facility with the capacity and capability to accommodate your patient.

Are all acute care patient transfers processed through your transfer centers?

Yes, all higher level of care/acute care transfers are handled through Banner Health Transfer Services, including patient preference or insurance preference. All lower level of care/post-acute care needs are handled by each independent Banner facility.