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How To Prevent Heat-Related Tragedies With A Teddy Bear
The tragedy of finding a child or baby after being left unattended in the dangerous heat of a sweltering car is a nightmare no parent wants to endure....
Jun 11
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What To Know When Choosing The Right Doctor For You
A lot of factors come into play when finding a new primary care doctor: Are they located nearby? Will they listen to me? Can I get an appointment in a...
Sep 20 23
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Recommended Dose For Screen Time In The Home
Many people don’t leave the house or even the couch without their phone. We take our iPads and laptops on trips and plop down in front of the TV after...
Aug 22
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How To Combat Asthma During Monsoon Season
While colds, allergens, smoke and animal dander are a few more common elements that can trigger an asthma attack, so can changes in weather conditions—especially...
Aug 07
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Use Or Lose It: Spend Those Remaining FSA Dollars
It’s the end of the year, and the one question that has been looming over our heads will finally be answered in this blog post—how do I spend the remaining...
Dec 23
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Easing Child’s Fear Of Santa Claus And Other Characters
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the mall, Children were wailing, not one, but all. We have all been there. You take your children to...
Dec 16

Caitlin Wendt