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Health Care Heroes: Nursing Families Caring For Others

Appreciating what nurses do for health care doesn’t have to be confined to National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6. Nurses play a vital role in the health care industry and, at the core, is the desire to help people. Quite honestly, nurses deserve a lot thanks for everything they do.

You may remember when Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix’s Christina Tussey was recognized as a National Magnet Nurse of the Year® for her contributions to knowledge, innovation and improvements in the field. This is only one story of a nurse getting deserved recognition.

Countless moments happen every day where nurses shine. From the simple act of getting a patient an extra blanket to helping a new mom welcome her first baby, moments like these touch hearts and show exactly how amazing nurses can be.

At Banner Health, we’re proud of our nurses. And, as a way of saying thanks for everything they do, we wanted to share the stories of 2 mother-daughter nursing pairs who are all nurses.

Kara and Patti

Kara Snyder knew she wanted to help people, but she couldn’t decide what her best route was. When a guidance counselor suggested she consider nursing, it all clicked. Kara’s mom, Patti Stumbo, is a nurse, and using her as inspiration, Kara has become a success in her own right.

Kacey and Kelly

Kacey Young’s mom, Kelly Studer, was a well-known nurse in their community, and while Kacey respected that, she wanted to do something different. She tried several paths before realizing that nursing was where she was meant to be, too. Today, Kacey is helping deliver babies and making deep connections with families—just like her mom.

If you can thank a nurse, please do. It goes a long way.


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