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Got Something in Your Eye? Relief Is Only a Blink Away
Eyes are powerful — and powerfully sensitive. If you’ve ever gotten something stuck in your eye, then you know just how sensitive they can be. Even common...
Sep 27
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The Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel
Now that many of us are vaccinated, we’re eager to visit people and places, so we’re planning everything from weekend getaways near home to exotic vacations...
Aug 16
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Have COVID-19? You Could Be Eligible for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
COVID-19 cases are dropping across the nation, but for many people, there’s still a high risk of getting infected. If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and...
Jun 09
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What to Know if a Loved One Is at Risk for Overdosing
Drug overdoses can happen in a lot of different ways. Someone on multiple medications could lose track of what they took and when they took it. Someone...
May 28
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When to See a Doctor About Your Back and Neck Pain?
How many of us are living with back and neck pain? Perhaps your upper back hurts after every long day at work. Maybe you wake up most mornings with a stiff...
Apr 04
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How to Spot the Springtime Hazards Hiding in Your Garage
It’s spring-cleaning time! And as you’re clearing out your garage or shed, there’s a good chance you’ll come across some products and chemicals you need...
Mar 20
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How to Keep Your Yard Free of Critters that Sting and Bite
Ah, springtime. The season of warmer weather, flowers blossoming, birds singing—and the start of a cycle that can bring out dangerous pests. “The bloom...
Mar 08
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3 Essential Things You Need to Know About Frostbite This Winter
It’s winter, and that means risk of frostbite is climbing. You might think you’re not at risk, but you could get frostbite if you: Are out in the...
Dec 26
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The Winter COVID-19 Surge: Here’s What You Need to Know Now
We’re in the midst of a COVID-19 surge throughout the United States, and the recent Thanksgiving gatherings threaten to send numbers even higher. Vaccines...
Dec 10
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Follow These 5 Steps to Treat a Dog Bite
Even in a dog-friendly world, things can get unfriendly once in a while. If you or your child have a run-in with a scared or aggressive dog, Jasjot Johar,...
Nov 23