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Staying Safe in the Summertime: 7 Tips for Common Problems
The summer sunshine can draw you to spending time outside. You might be headed to the beach for vacation, playing pickleball or other outdoor sports or...
May 23
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What to Do If Your Child Takes a Serious Tumble or Fall
If you’ve been around children long enough, you know one thing for sure: they fall …a lot! From learning to walk to enjoying sports, children of all ages...
May 10
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Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults: Addressing Unique Concerns
Whether it’s a power outage, a wildfire or a sudden health problem, we all need to be prepared to face an emergency. If you’re an older adult, you might...
February 09
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Don’t Drive to the Hospital If You Have a Heart Attack
It’s a Tuesday evening, and you start feeling an uncomfortable tightness in your chest. Your mind races. Is it a bad case of heartburn – or could you be...
December 08
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What Is the Difference Between a Stroke and Aneurysm?
In the world of human health, there are two conditions that people sometimes confuse: a stroke and an aneurysm. These two health events can be tricky to...
October 16
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When Lightning Strikes: A Survivor’s Story
Jack Corson was gathering cattle on his ranch in rural Wyoming when he was struck directly by lightning in the summer of 2021. The strike killed the horse...
September 05
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Slipping Rib Syndrome: Understanding This Rare Condition
Slipping rib syndrome is a rare and unusual condition—in fact, it’s often mistaken for other health problems. People with slipping rib syndrome have pain...
August 27
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Does Your Child Need Medical Care or Can You Treat Them at Home?
As a parent, you can try to prepare for just about everything you think you’ll face with your child. But figuring out whether to treat your child at home...
January 27
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An EpiPen Could Save Someone’s Life: Here’s When and How to Use One
A lot of times, allergic reactions are mild and only affect one part of your body. You might get a rash, a runny nose or itchy eyes, for example. But for...
January 22
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Is My Nose Broken? Here’s How to Tell
Our noses are arguably the most prominent feature on our faces, so it’s not surprising that broken noses, or nasal fractures, are the most common facial...
December 20