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Urgent Care Vs. ER: Finding The Right Care For Your Child
It’s Saturday afternoon and your two-month-old spikes a fever. You are out of town watching your son’s soccer game, when he quickly turns and sprains his...
Mar 03
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Degloving: A Reason to Take Off Your Wedding Ring
You may never have heard of ring avulsions or “degloving” before it happened to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. FYI: Don’t Google it! A ring avulsion occurs...
Dec 13
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4 Furniture Tipping Myths Debunked
Parents are constantly asking their children to stop climbing on the furniture because it’s not a playground, and they are correct. Furniture, despite...
Dec 13
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Urgent Care Or Emergency Room? How To Know Where To Go
Have you ever noticed that your kids tend to hurt themselves whenever the pediatrician’s office is closed? Or is that just my kids? Run teeth first into...
Apr 14